My meeting with Serge Lakhovsky - artikel in Borderlands Afdrukken
Paris, July 7, 1993
By Hessel Hoornveld

Serge Lakhovsky is the son of George Lakhovsky. Serge's father was a briljant scientist, a man of genius. George Lakhovsky was the developer of the "Radio Cellular Oscillator" and the "Multiple Wave Oscillator". Serge's father's discoveries are still the subject of great interest; in his time, the years between 1900 and 1940, he brought about a veritable revolution with his discoveries and theories. It is not easy to go through life as the son of a famous father, it has a great affect on you. In the room where we held the interview, his father's presence could be felt everywhere, in the form of paintings and the devices he developed.

The device that attracted my attention the most was the "Muliple Wave Oscillator". The MWO was specially developed to cure cancer. George Lakhovsky was not thanked for the fact that he was able to do this with his apparatus. George Lakovsky carried out a great deal of research at a university level, with truly astonishing results. In other words, both past and present scientific research has proved that his method works.

George Lakovsky died under extremely suspicious circumstances. He was hit by a car during a stay in America and, despite his protests, was taken to a hospital from which he never returned alive. The death of Serge's father and the Second World War meant that his discoveries and developments subsequently fell into neglect. What was a fact though, was that the discoveries of a genius, and an indispensable instrument in the fight against cancer and other degenerative diseases, had been temporarily eliminated from the scene. Fortunately, information is now coming to light that allows us to benefit from these techniques of yesteryear. Some time ago, a respected newspaper reported research findings to the effect that one in three Germans, Americans or Dutchmen suffered from, or was developing, a form of cancer. Nowadays, it is becoming virtually impossible to find sufficient funding to support the entire health-care system. And it is not inconceivable that the fossilized medical industry, along with its many branches, will go completely or partially bankrupt.

Serge Lakhovsky was born in Paris in 1913, and, after finishing his studies, went to America in 1940. He worked there together with Doctor Kovac at the University of Chicago, where they carried out additional research into the effects of the MWO, research which confirmed his father's discovery time and time again. Serge Lakhovsky has worked in the perfume industry for more than 30 years as a developer and producer of new scents. Serge also treated many of his scents with the Multiple Wave Oscillator, which resulted in exeptional energy-rich combinations and results. In a large room under his house in Paris, thousands op phials with the most unusual scents and compounds are kept.


Serge Lakhovsky does not have a very high opinion of so-called Multi Wave Oscillators. 'Everyone making a high-frequency device these days calls it a Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator', he says, 'And what more, they don't work'. He thinks that it's fine for people to look for ways that do work, 'But you must take their effect on people into account.' By this he means that scientific research should be carried out, and that it should not just be allowed to run its course. Serge told of the extensive scientific research his father had carried out at universities in Paris, Vienna and elsewhere, but added that he always took al great deal of care with his research data and results.

Serge Lakhovsky thinks that there are a lot of unjustified claims being made these days, and that there is too much reference being made to the published research results of his father. 'The reason that I am sitting here talking to you is that before I leave this earthly plane, I want to set matters straight.' Serge is resolute. 'No-one makes the MWO as my father did, and none of them work as my father's did, so the claims that are being made in my father's name are unjust and far from true.'

During my visit with Serge Lakhovsky, I was able to see and feel the original MWO in action. We were able to carry out various water tests, using radiation from the MWO, and noticed a change in taste and an increased radiation of energy from the water (energetic or cosmic energy).

I have to agree with Serge that the original Lakhovsky MWO works as no other I know. Furthermore, its antenna is totally different tot that used on other devices. Most use a Bergstresser or Beck antenna, this MWO works with hollow antenna rings, which are tuned. I confirmed that they were really tuned when I checked them using my electronic tuning device. When I tapped the second ring, my tunig device clearly indicated a C Sharp. The outermost ring is a fixed ring directly attached to the coil and is a C. The next ring is a C Sharp, the next a D and so on until the inermost ring, which is a C. In other words, a full octave complete with semitones. If we examine the tuned rings (sound therapy), they also correspond to the chakras (energy points on the body). C is the base chakra, D the sex chakra, E the solar plexus chakra and so on. 

Each antenna ring is made from a different metal. What the metals are was not revealed to me. When I asked why different metals were used, I was told by Serge that they were chosen in connection with the different planetary positions. Although I would not guarantee that I am right, I have taken a studied guess. The outermost ring, the C, is made of brass, the second ring, a C Sharp, of a light rustproof metal, the third of copper, the fourth of brass, the fifth of a light rustproof metal, the sixth of copper, the seventh of brass, the eighth of a light rustproof metal, the ninth of copper, tenth of rass, the eleventh of copper , the twelfth of a light rustproof metal, and the thirteenth of brass. There are bracing wires running from the innermost to the outermost ring, which keep the antenna rings the correct distance apart.

However, existing photographs of the MWO show antennas with different numbers of rings. I saw one with twelve rings, while Serge's MWO had thirteen with the innermost ring for the bracing wires. I do not know whether the thirteenth ring belongs to the antenna, but it seems very probable. 


According to Serge, his father's MWO does not work when the moon is full, or when it is enclosed in a Faraday Cage. The rings of the antenna are held together by means of a string, and energy does not flow between them by conduction by but by radiation. The antenna is thus capable of radiating gigantic quantities of energetic energy. The higher and more powerful the energetic field, the faster illnesses and degenerative processes are positively affected. The outermost ring, the C ring, is directly connected to the coil on both sides.

The reply to my request for a peek into the sanctum of the MWO was a definite no. Nevertheless, I hope that Serge will eventually give his permission because the technology involved is naturally of great interest to us all, and because I feel that his father's work should be open to the view of everyone who is open to it. It seems to me that Serge's fear that his father's techniques would be misused can be ruled out, for there are few people around today who are capable of dealing with this type of energy.

When Serge demonstrated the MWO, two spark gaps could be seen. There is a large coil behind each of the two antennas, which are brought into resonance with each other. The whole technique is based on oscillation and resonance!! The sound of the two spark gaps is very stable and serene. No sparks jump from one antenna ring to another, as occurs with the Bergstresser and Beck antennas. It's quite safe to come vcery close to the antenna rings with a car key, although sparks begin to jump continuously from a distance of about six centimeters. This does not cause an unpleasant sensation though. This indicates an extremely high voltage, high frequency and extremely rapid pulse behavior through the spark gap, and I suspect that the MWO contains a rotating mechanical spark gap.

The electricity needed to operate the MWO is supplied from a wall socket, which causes a fair degree of interference in the public electricity supply. This is something which was permitted in the past, but which is actually no longer allowed. Due to such interference, alarm systems, computers, answering machines and telephone systems etc. could suffer damage, or start to lead a life of their own. It was only possible to operate the MWO for a short period of time, about five minutes, or else it would overheat.

The device is grounded through the mains. It may be that this was done in order to enable the feed cable connected to the wall socket to be used as a (capacitor). This works even when an earth connection is not present.

Serge did not want to answer my question concerning the relationship between his father, George Lakhovsky, and Nikola Tesla; a brief silence followed. We know from available information that the two worked together, and that Tesla was also involved in the development of the MWO. Nikola Tesla had more than 1.000 patents to his name, and was the discoverer of alternating current, and induction motors.

A month after my visit to Serge, he sent me the Radio Cellular Oscillator, a device that George Lakhovsky developed before he started on the MWO. The RCO is a simple, subtle but effective instrument, which relaxes you rapidly and gives you a rosy feeling, especially in your head and body. The device is a boon for the relief of tension aches and it stimulates the circulation; for example, cold feet disappear like snow in the sun. Its effect is based on the same resonance principles as those of the MWO, only it is more subtle and the unit is driven by a vacuum tube.


The enormous interest that has arisen for MWO techniques and results is a clear indication that a new era has dawned . And I would like to share my knowledge of the current state of the MWO technique with you. A technique that is used both in alternative and regular health-care circles, and here and there in high-level scientific research. In the Netherlands, doctors, dentists, therapists, dermatologists, veterinaries, internists and private individuals etc. use the MWO. Outside of the Netherlands, I know of therapists, doctors and private individuals in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Africa who are familiar with the device. I have also learned that MWO's are built in Italy and Belgium, albeit on a smaller scale than in the Netherlands.

When I received the design for the MWO from Ralph Bergstresser, I decided to carry out a thorough study of whether with current technology, it was possible to achieve results similar to those achieved by George Lahovsky during the first four decades of this century. Of course, much has changed since then. There is more pollution than in Lakhovsky's time: electrostress, stress, different eating behavior, lower quality food, environmental pollution, lighting and double-glazing which distort the laws of nature, sufficient reason to leave well enough alone concerning Lakhovsky's research.

After a number of years of research and many technical improvements of the MWO, we are now able to state that we have achieved results comparable with those of Lakhovsky. I do suspect however, that it takes more time for the positive effects to be felt nowadays due to increased pollution and different living conditions.

Lakhovsky's device was exceptionally powerful; I do not think anyone builds them as powerful as that anymore. From various sources, I was able to learn that if you operate a Lakhovsky MWO at full power, you could damage living tissue. And other experts have told me that a magnetic field stronger than 10 Gauss can also damage enzymes.

The old devices were rated at 220 V or 110 V and were capable of causing considerable interference on radios and television sets. The MWO's I am allowed to build use a small 12-volt battery, which provides sufficient power for approximately four hours of use. A second battery can be built in, which gives you eight hours of use. They are housed in a doubly insulated plastic suitcase and are portable. Another important feature is that they need far less power than older versions. The battery-powered version is to be greatly preferred to the 220-V and 110-V versions; there is so much electrical pollution in the public electricity supply that I consider it absolutely essential to use the cleaner energy that a battery supplies. Furthermore, many of our clients take the WMO with them when they travel or on vacation. New versions of the device have become more effective despite he fact that they use much less power. They do not cause interference and can be operated continuously without overheating.

I build two models, a Bergstresser/Beck system and a Lakhovsky system. The Bergstresser/Beck system has a single Tesla coil and an antenna, a mat to sit on, and a lamp. The Lakhovsky model has a double Tesla coil with a flat primary coil in the middle. This flat primary coil provides the MWO with enormous power and effectiveness, much more than the cylindrical coil. To the secondary coils, I have connected two antennas, which obtain their power on the outermost ring. The resulting power is radiated to the innermost rings, which in turn brings both antennas into resonance. The effectiveness of these resonant antennnas is many times greater than a single sparking antenna. With this model I deliver two mats to sit on, and a lamp. I have positioned the spark gap in front of the primary coil; see the diagrams of Peter Lindemann and Lakhovsky. This costs the least amount of energy and provides the widest frequency spectrum as they are not damped by the capacitors.

The MWO's I build are not grounded, and I have the feeling that they work better and generate more energy as a result. The person or animal being treated is already in contact with the earth, and, as far as I am concerned, provides the earth contact. Moreover, the middle of the coil, which is where the secondary coils begin, is not grounded either. The coils are connected to each other, which means that they have a floating neutral point where the flat primary coil is positioned. When someone takes up a position between both antennas, and does not sit exactly in the middle, or one side of the body requires more energy than the other, the energy supply stays in balance automatically and the resonance of the antennas is improved. With a ground in the middle, at the beginning of both coils, the system is less flexible and more forced.

Another important consideration is that the area in which the MWO operates should be energetically well furnished, with crystals for example, or a large plate or tray filled with sand (sand has a crystal structure containing silicic acid and silicon; the chips of a computer contain silicon) and is a perfect condutor. The area should not form a Faraday Cage, and it should be possible to open a window. It is not inconceivable that the glass of the windowpanes filter certain energies. Ultraviolet light is filtered out by glass (exept quartz glass or plexiglass). It is very important to correct for the energy that ultraviolet light contains due to its frequency. In this regard, read 'Health and Light' by John N.Ott, and 'Into the Light by W.C. Douglas.

The MWO needs optimal surroundings because it takes (cosmic) energy from the earth's environment. If this process is hindered or prevented, the device will be less effective. In my opinion, the electrostatic and electromagnetic field developed by the MWO is a carrier of cosmic/ernergetic energy.

At Special Energy Products, so much data is coming in concerning the effects of the more than 120 devices we were able to build in 1992 and 1993, and concerning the many thousands of people who have been treated with them, that we cannot doubt the exceptional nature of this instrument. We are receiving similar feedback from America, and think that we will soon be able to build devices that are even more effective.

The essence of the technique is neither a strong electromagnetic or electrostatic field, but a wide frequency spectrum, with all its harmonics and extremely high voltages. When correctly applied, this allows you to generate enormous quantitites of energetic (cosmic) energy.

Energetic energy is the principal factor in restoring balance and harmony at a mental and physical level. This transmits the correct vibration and polarity to matter, which enables you to recover very quickly and even to regenerate damaged cells.

The ionization that takes place between the antennas, and the ozone (both very rich in oxygen) that is created by the antennas or antenna, and especially by the lamp, are absolutely indispensable positive energies.

The MWO enables you to create order out of chaos allowing energetic energy to flow again, and allowing you to function as an energetic antenna once more. For we are all energetic antennas; we only obtain a fraction of the energy we need from our food. The rest of the energy we need is obtained elsewhere. You can also store this form of energy in pure matter. I have carried out extensive research with these energy methods. By means of electro-acupuncture (dermatron) measurements, you can clearly demonstrate its effect on people, visually too. The MWO method can be used in a great many ways, for example, to enhance the effect of homeopathic medicines by providing more energetic energy in equivalent volumes. You can polarize water with it and thus detoxify dissolved contaminants (even though they can still be measured). If you add a drop of the energized water (preferably distilled water) to fluids with many additives for example, such as coloring agents and preservatives, you can taste the difference in taste within a few seconds. The taste of wine becomes fuller, that of coffee smoother. In general, you could say that it takes the rough edges off the taste. The addition of a few drops of water makes plants grow faster, produce more beautiful flowers, and bear fruit more quickly. They also suffer less from insects pests. Treating a small quantity of sharp sand with the MWO also produces good results. Sprinkle this sand or mix it with the earth at the base of plants in the garden or flower pot. This form of energy can thus be used to completely or partially polarize (neutralize) poisonous substances.

What else do people use the MWO for? They treat plants with it, as well as animals, with astonishingly good results. They purify water with it, and clean the energy of rooms and objects. People treat vegetables and fluids in order to neutralize toxins. In addition, the taste of the products improves. A number of people treat their makeup or beauty products with the MWO in order to prevent allergic reactions, or to optimize their products.

People who have been treated with the MWO describe the experience as similar to that of being in an energy shower. They feel light and pleasant, as if a burden has dropped from their shoulders. The MWO has been used to treat a large number of ailments and illnesses. Here are just a few:

  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Arrythmia has often disappeared after a few treatments. The intended amputation of limbs usually be comes unnecessary.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Rapid relief is often experienced from pain caused by arthritis, arhrosis and rheumatism, and in many cases the sicknesses disappear after a number treatments.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Bone fractures heal in a fraction of the normal time, as do wounds. And scars fade, often vanishing completely.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Tension aches and facial neuralgia often disappear after a single treatment.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Various people have been cured of leukemia and cancer partly as a result of treatment with the MWO. This has also been confirmed in the regular health-care circuit. Many people who have undergone che- motherapy and have been treated with the MWO at the same time have stated that they did not experience any side-effects from the chemotherapy, such as hair loss or hemoglobin decomposition (iron level).
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">People who have been exposed to radiation and then treated with the MWO have suffered almost no tissue or cell-tissue damage, or other side-effects. Doctors call it a mystery.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Migraine and tension headaches usually disappear after a few treatments and some people have even regained their memory. The memory of one person, who had a 15-minute recall, showed increasing im- provement after a ccouple of treatments. One woman, who was treated for arthritis, also regained her me- mory.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">A woman who was to undergo an operation for a cyst, was completely free of the cyst after ten days of treatment with the MWO.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Various people with tinnitus were relieved of their ailment after a single treatment.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">One man whose left hand had been virtually paralysed after an operation, and which was swollen with fluid, was relieved of his paralysis after a single treatment, the arm returning to it normal size.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">The condition of a 13-year-old boy, whose blood-cell count had been too low since he was three, beca- me crititcal when it fell below 10,000 - a count of 125,000 is concidered normal. It was eventually deci- ded to treat him with the MWO and within a week his blood-cell count had climbed to 40,000. The youngster had an attack of influenza and it was not possible to measure the platelets because their shape was too irregular. Once the attack of influenza has passsed his blood-cell count was 125,000. From being a sickly boy, he grew to be a strong young man, without a problem in the world. He fell recently, seriously damaging his knee which bled profusely. His parents feared the worst. The bleeding stopped within a quarter of an hour.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">A few people have partially or completely regained the head of hair they once had. Their hair had not fallen out due to illness or medicines.
  • http://www.multiwaveoscillator.nl/templates/rt_elemental/images/body/white/li-body.png); background-position: 0px 2px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">A man with incurable prostate cancer, was treated with the MWO by a doctor for a number of months. His cancer began to disappear and he is now completely cured. The doctor is of the opinion that the cure can be completey attributed to the MWO, because every other treatment had failed.
In the Netherlands alone, there are currently thousands of people who have been successfully treated with the MWO, by doctors, therapists , homeopaths, private individuals etc. A high level of medical supervision is important of course, and minerals and vitamins in high doses are an absolute necessity. When undergoing treatment, the body's reserves are immediately mobilized by the MWO and sent to those locations where they are needed. If we all, including members of the regular medical and scientific establishment, want to get to grips with degenerative illnesses, cancer, leukemia, aids etc., we would to well to realize that this device is probably the answer we have been looking for.

In my opinion, treatment would be even more effective were it to be based on a combination of the MWO and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation. In this regard, read 'Into the Light' by W.C. Douglas.

At the moment there are various highly qualified doctors, therapists and other scientists working with and researching energetic methods of treatment in order to perfect them and to make the resulting data available for statistical analysis. Practice has shown that not every practitioner succeeds with these methods. If a person does not experience any reactions when treating him- or herself (something that occurs sporadically), the treatment does not have an effect when used on his or her patients. However, when a person is sceptical, or is not open to the matter, but is treated by someone who is open to it, that person will definitely experience positive effects.

Dear friends, keep thinking positively, keep up the good work.

Hessel Hoornveld
Founder and director of Special Energy Products