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George Lakhovsky
The Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) was invented by Georges Lakhovsky with the assistance of Nikola Tesla for his expertise in engineering of radio technology. They were used historically in French cancer clinics in the 1920s and 1930s. We are proud to bring available the most accurately replicated Multiple Wave Oscillators since Lakhovsky's original.

This picture is made from a painting of George Lakhovsky in the labore/office of Serge Lakhovsky in Paris. Dated 1992 I was there for an intervieuw with Serge. Tom Brown of Borderlands Sience asked me to do this interview. Picture made by Hessel Hoornveld.
  George Lakhovsky painting

Antennes Parijs  

Original Lakhovsky antennas

Picture of the original Lakhovsky antennas made in 1992. Important! The three different metals of the antennas. There are antennas available of one metal. All cupper rings. Its an alternative but for behind the thruth and a curse of the work of George Lakhovsky. Picture made by Hessel Hoornveld.

Read also: Article "Curing cancer with ultra radio frequencies" by George Lakhovsky in Radio News magazine in 1925.

Frontpage book of Lakhovsky

Frontpage of the book 'Secret of Life' George Lakhovsky en Mark Clement
  Frontpage book of Lakhovsky

Frontpage book of Lakhovsky.
  original signature of Lakhovsky

Next page of the book of Lakhovsky. With a few words and original signature of Lakhovsky. All pictures made by Hessel Hoornveld.